French-German journalism #Futur2

Even 60 years after the conclusion of the Elysee Treaty, there is still no international or European public sphere. Although many political and social issues affect France and Germany equally, discussions and solutions often take place separeately in each country. In journalism, national politicians are interviewed, national experts give their opinions and the countries’ own interests and protagonists are shown. The project Futur2 provides the audience and readers with international, especially French-German topics, from an international point of view.

54 journalism students from two universities – from the journalism department at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and from the CELSA journalism school at Sorbonne University – met in Cologne to work together on topics such as nuclear energy, police violence, eating habits in France and Germany and its deep cultural roots, on gender pay gap across cultures, gender sensitive language, feminism in politics or food waste:

Viola Köhl and Marie Scagni, Gender Sensitive Language: A Franco-German Perspective to Understand the Debate

Élisabeth Crépin-Leblond, Ronja Miska, Simon Weber and Julie Zulian, From Trash to Treasure: Tackling food waste in France and Germany

Kathrin Glatzel, Emma Larbi and Aïssata Soumaré, Beyond borders: unveiling police brutality during demonstrations across France and Germany

Mareike Domröse, Charlotte Maury, Fanny Séguéla und Kilian Wolkersdorfer, Celebrenation! Let’s party in France and Germany

Barbara Gouy, Juliette Roussel, Emma Schrauth and Anna Weiße, The Instrumentalisation of Feminism: When Feminist Goals become Rightist Paroles

Elena Gillet, Chiara Lacona and Adrien-Guillaume Padovan, Looking across borders: The Great Comparison of vocational high schools in Germany and France

Mia Goasquen-Rodeno, Chiara Großerüschkamp, Benjamin Milkoff and Judith Pohl, Nuclear plants: To close or not to close? The opinion of young people on nuclear power production in France and Germany

Isabella Astrauskas, Carolin Eitel, Yara El Germany and Lise Tavelet, Gender pay gap: a huge problem in France and Germany

Nina Clement, Georg Dähling, Nora Mourran and Anna Vasylenko, Vegetarian Diet: Comparison France and Germany


The project was supervised by Karin Boczek and Lisa Bolz, and fundet by the French-German University (Université franco-allemande – Deutsch-Französische Hochschule) within the program « Élysée-Vertrag – Zusammen den Blick in die Zukunft richten. »


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